Tahe Marine Fit 96

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About Fit 96

Fit 96 is the smallest kayak in Fit range, which offers enjoyable paddling for beginners and intermediate paddlers. 

Tha kayak has a great blend of stability and performance. Fit 96 has an excellent glide, comfortable interior and fully rigged deck. It is an efficient and light touring kayak.


Material PE
Länge 298 cm (9’7”)
Breite 75 cm (30”)
Kapazität 130 kg (286 lbs)
Cockpit 108 cm x 44 cm (42½'' x 17¼'')
Gewicht PE 22-24 kg (48–53 lbs)
Stauraum: VORNE Runde Luke 24 cm (10”)
Stauraum: HINTEN Ovale Luke 44x26 cm (17”x10¼’’)
Einsatzzweck Freizeitkajak
Spritzdecke 4XL: 112,5 x 61,5cm (44¼''x24¼'')