Production of Kayaks and Canoes


Zegul construction

Zegul product range is targeted for more advanced and dedicated paddlers. Zegul also features different styles of kayaks like fast racing boats, play boats and of course the famous Greenland series. Quality is reflected in every single detail. Carefully designed and tested hulls offer excellent performance. Sleek lines and crocodile pattern on kayak decks give a really distinctive look to all Zegul models. These high-end kayaks are built with only the most innovative and high-tech materials.


This very versatile construction is built using vacuum technology, which ensures the best weight/strength ratio. This material layup increases durability and stiffness of the kayak, absorbing even less energy during paddling and withstanding the most challenging environments.

All ZEGUL ACORE built kayaks are equipped with sandwich reinforced keel area ensuring scratch and impact strength. Hull and deck are joined using internally both fi berglass and aramide taping, externally a very robust aramide taping. All decks are built in sandwich construction (available for all Zegul kayak models).



We at Zegul took the well known, Arrow kayaks developed Rock Solid construction and improved it even further. It certainly wasn’t an easy task. Mr. Ilcus from Arrow kayaks was a part of the R&D team and carefully inspected all the layers at our facilities. After discussion and testing de decided to add another layer of glass/kevlar, making the laminate even stronger and stiffer.

The positioning of the pure kevlar keel strip was modifi ed to give even better results. We also made improvements on the outer fi nish of the keel strip for a smoother and more even result. After thorough tests we are convinced that it is a success!

Rock_Solid_construction for Zegul kayak


Kayaks built with this method are fi nished with a clear carbon hull, which takes years of experience to be done correctly From 2012 season we have launched a new 3 dimensional carbon fabric into this construction, giving even tougher and stiffer kayaks. The ZEGUL 3D C-CORE kayaks are built using full HD LRA core lay-up in the kayak hulls. 

This production method combines vacuum infusion technology with high performance properties of special marine grade epoxy resin and several types of carbon fi ber, carbon/aramide and glass multiaxial fabrics to create probably the highest quality carbon core built kayaks in the industry. These kayaks are even more versatile than the regular carbon/aramide and carbon built kayaks on the market.

Rock Solid construction


This is the lightest lay-up available.


HDPE (New for 2015)

HDPE_construction_for Zegul plastick kayaks


Tahe Marine construction information & how to choose your kayak

Tahe Outdoors has concentrated over the years in developing manufacturing techniques together with the composite and thermoplast industry. We use the newest materials and up-to-date production methods. Tahe Marine branded kayaks are built with following hi-tech constructions:

OUTDOOR lay-up

Introduced for 2017 season into Tahe Marine range, replacing the previous TGC-lite. This brand new construction is developed together with European leading raw-material suppliers. The key element in this lay-up is the high-density core material, providing very tough but light weight laminates. This combined with light weight glass composite fabrics giving a 10–15% weight reduction compared to our previous TGC-lite construction.


Introduced for 2017 season into Tahe Marine range, replacing the previous TCA-lite. This brand new construction is developed together with European leading raw-material suppliers. The key element in this lay-up is the high-density core material, providing very tough but light weight laminates. In this lay-up the Kevlar reinforcement increases durability and stiffness of the kayak, absorbing even less energy during paddling and withstanding the most challenging environments.


E-co:re onstruction is introduced for 2018 season into Tahe Marine range for rotational moulded kayaks and has been worked out keeping in mind the environment. We have mixed recycled material with high density polyethylene and created a new innovative three-layer construction. The outer shell is as good-looking and durable as it has always been, the middle layer is made from from rototational moulding foam, but the inner shell is made out of recycled plastic. E-co:re construction is our way of expressing that we care for nature and that we always strive to offer customers the best value for money kayaks in the world.


In 2009 season, Tahe Outdoors launched their first triple layer high density polyethylene kayak with moulded in inserts in several colour options. We believed it to become a very successful method of extending our range of materials and products. By 2012 we had launched total of seven RM kayaks, four of it only for 2012 season. In 2012 season we upgraded our construction to a new superlinear HD polyethylene material both in skin and in sandwich. Helping us to build even tougher and lighter weight boats for the waterspout industry.

In 2013 we implemented mould in graphics to all of our RM kayaks. For 2014 we are happy to inform You that we introduce 7 new RM kayaks into the Tahe Marine product portfolio, including 5 in single layer superlinear HD polyethylene material giving our customers even a wider range of plastic kayaks from recreational SOT’s to triple layer sea and touring kayaks.


This method combines the good properties of the ABS material in the hull and fiberglass technology in the deck lay-up. In this production method the hulls are thermoformed giving the kayak a higher impact resistant surface, reinforced with the great experience of
the composite industry. The decks are built out of fiberglass materials combined with sandwich construction.This production method is one of the innovations of the industry giving the paddler a very durable performance
orientated product.


round_kayak_hull_img Chined_kayak_hull_type   Shallow V shaped kayak hull shallow_arch_kayak_hull  Flat_kayak_hull 

Round hull
Extremely fast for
more dedicated users

Hard chine
Well defined edge gives
the opportunity to keep
the kayak tilted, stable
and moderately fast


Shallow “V”
Very fast and improved
tracking with a good


Shallow arch
Very stable and highly


Flat hull
Very stable and suitable
for beginners who
paddle in calm waters











Winds are fast sea touring kayaks, meant for longer outings and expeditions, but are also suitable for exercise and marathons. All Wind series kayaks have shallow „V“ shaped hull which secures fast acceleration, speed and maneuverability. These kayaks have numerous storage compartments and a day-hatch in close reach to store your gear. Wind kayak models are generally for more experienced paddlers who enjoy the open water and speed.


The Reval series kayaks are with upswept bow and stern in common for traditional British style kayaks. Reval kayaks perform well in waves and rough water conditions on the sea and ocean. All Reval kayaks are equipped with skeg or rudder/skeg option that increases tracking efficiency. These boats are good choice for paddlers looking to have some fun in the waves.


The Spirit series kayaks are designed with a good balance between handling, speed, and stability. Spirit series kayaks are good choice for sea touring and they can handle a little more challanging conditions as well.


With the oversized cockpits and increased stability, these kayaks are mostly for beginners & semi-experienced paddlers. Lifestyle transitional recreational kayaks have exceptional handling and good amount of speed (depending on a model). These kayaks are best for lakes, river as well as costline paddling. Lifestyle kayaks have enaugh storage room for shorter trips and weekend getaways.


Tandem range consists of nice composite touring kayaks for people who need a stable, reliable, with good storage capabilities and stylish kayak built for two paddlers. The selection of models include Tandem Mini, a smaller tandem kayak that is known for its stability and maneuvering capabilities in tight coastal conditionsand Tandem Maxi which is an extra specious kayak with some extra volume and a convenient center area to carry Your child, four legged friend or extra large camping equipment on the trip.


Fit series range from sleek composite sit-in models to polyethelene sit on top kayaks for different skill levels and purposes. Fit series include fully equipped angler kayaks, sailing and tandem kayaks as well as more simple sit on tops and of course composite and single layer PE sit-in kayaks.


Tahe Marine Aqua series consists of sit on top kayaks and canoes, made of single layer durable polyehylene. Aqua series offers a selection of single and tandem kayak models for fishing and daytrips. Those kayaks are best for lakes and rivers.


A rudder gives the opportunity to steer with pedals and paddle at the same time to maintain speed so that it makes the kayak go straight with less effort.
A skeg enhances tracking but you still need to use paddle strokes for steering


Robson paddles


STRAIGHT SHAFT: stiff, light, flexible, tough




Classic break down system for touring and white water paddles.

snapbutton paddle shaft



Advanced break down system for touring paddles, allowing for fine adjustments in the feather of the paddle.

loktite paddle shaft



Adjustable break down system. Adjustable length - 10 cm and feather angle. CNC machined Aluminium and ferrule with skale.

variolok paddle shaft



Telescope-Shaft for SUP-paddles. Adjustable length 30 cm, locked with SUP-Clip

sup clip paddle shaft


Production of kayaks and canoes.

Tahe Outdoors has been in business for 25 years. In that time we have evolved quite a lot. We now have three factories in Estonia and France to deliver the best products for our customers. We have 90+ employees and countless partners.


Our factory in Viimsi, on the northern coast of Estonia is where it all started. All our composite boats are made here. This is where the main office is also located. Our production methods are constantly improved with new materials and innovations in technology. All the kayaks made in Viimsi are still hand-crafted by experienced artisans.  Different constructions range from simple fiberglass lay-ups to state of the art vacuum infused carbon hulls.


The factory in Tartu was opened in 2009. This is where we started manufacturing polyethylene boats. Tartu is located in the south of Estonia, nearly 180km from the Tallinn. We were the first to introduce triple layer high density rotomolded  polyethylene kayaks to the market. From 2014 Tahe Outdoors will also offer single layer superlinear HD polyethylene kayaks. With the addition of Beluga to the portfolio we opened  a sewing  department in Tartu aswell.


All the paddles and different accessories Tahe Outdoors offers come from the factory in France. Manufacturing of wooden paddles by Egalis started in 1962 and from the 1980s more modern materials were introduced. The plant is located in Merpins near Cognac. Different products range from cheaper plastic/aluminum paddles to high end carbon fiber paddles and also we can’t forget the traditional wooden paddles where it all started from.