Shipping charges and terms and conditions

Multiple units shipments to single destination always cost less than single units

1. All kayaks which are packed into cardboard packaging, ends bubblewrapped, for shipping cost 18 EUR (single kayak) and 21 EUR (tandem kayak) per piece
2. Accessories shipping with kayaks will not be subject to shipping charges, in case shipped separate a packaging charge of 10 EUR will be applied and will be subject for shipping charges

On arrival of kayaks you are obliged to follow the following steps:
Step 1 Always observe the packaging carefully
Step 2 If there are signs of damages you must mark them to CMR and confirm with the signature
Step 3 If there are no visible proofs of possible damages, STILL make a note to CMR "NO VISIBLE DAMAGES"

For shipping arrangements or information, please e-mail
call +372 600 89 69